Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4 years - 4 years 10 months

1. How would you characterize your parenting style? How have your specific parenting techniques changed since infancy? In what ways do you think your parenting style, or any other aspect of your parenting, has been influenced by your cultural background or other experiences?
My parenting style is staying consistent with her. I try and choose to do things that match the stage that she’s in. I realized that her moods, needs, and actions vary with every stage that she’s going through. I’m not very easy on her, I believe that if you’re easy on a child, especially at the age, then they will try and test you and see how far they will be able to test their limits with you. I have never liked it when parents would caudal their children when they would make a big fuss about something or if they were really attached to the parent and crying. I think that if you explain to them that you will be coming back in a couple of hours and if they behave during that time then you can go and do something fun like to go to park. I think at that particular age it’s a good learning tool to have a reward or doing something fun like going to the park. I don’t really want to spoil my kid with toys, candy, or electronics or anything like that. I want to raise my kids to play outside whenever they have a chance and to play with cardboard boxes and make the best out of things. My parenting styles really reflect how my parents parented my brother and me. Not to be conceded or anything, but for the most part my brother and I have turned out pretty good. We are willing to change when we need to, we both are hard working, neither one of us is very spoiled, we are both responsible, and we have always had good morals and values. The only real reason my brother and I got in trouble was because we were goofing around. I really take after how my parents raised my brother and me.

2. Describe two specific examples of changes in your child’s behavior at age 4 that seem to stem from growth in cognitive and language ability since the period of infancy (e.g., improvements in symbolic thinking, reasoning, knowledge of the world, theory of mind).
I would have to say that the biggest change I have seen in Peyton is that she is able to socialize with people and I’m able to let her go on her own. She’s much more independent and likes making friends. In the beginning she was very shy and didn’t want to go to anyone but me or my partner. She’s very comfortable in her preschool that she is attending right now; she’s made a couple of friends and is able to talk really well for her age. Speaking of which that’s another thing that she has really approved with; she has really built up her vocabulary and is even above average on her speaking skills. Before she didn’t even want to really speak and she was below average. It’s amazing how much she has changed in just 4 short years.

3. How would you characterize your child’s personality? Would you say that your child is primarily overcontrolled, undercontrolled or resilient? Support your argument.
Peyton is actually laid back for the most part. When I had my second child she responded really well to that, with the occasional feeling ignored and acting out once in a while, but other than that has been adjusting to it very well. She cooperates very well with us when we discipline her or tell her not to do something. She responds very well to others and does really well in preschool and does really well with direction. She’s very independent and likes to learn on her own, I think that’s how she learns best. I guess I would say that Peyton is resilient because she can bounce back really quickly if she’s get out of alignment for a second. For example, when she started getting jealous of the new baby and having little tantrums to get some attention, but my partner and I decided that we would try and spend more time with her and include her in taking care of the baby she went back to acting like her old self when the baby first arrived. It’s very nice to have that in a kid.


Emily Paterson said...

Peyton sounds like a really cool kid. I can appreciate that you don't spoil her or make a big deal about things. I also like how you encourage imagination and self-reliance in terms of how they keep themselves entertained. I was never one for using the TV. I think TV is bad and a waste of time in general, though I know there are some exceptions.

Colleen Mullendore said...

Kids certainly do test the limits! Remember being a teenager - I think most teens try to push the envelope at some point.....it will be interesting to see how our virtual kids develop through middle childhood and then into their teen years.

Erika Sword said...

I like your parenting style. I also don't want to spoil my child with candy and electronics. I think letting them be physical and explore things outside is really stimulating, and fun!